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Монгол залуус хамтран “Монголын Нууц Товчоо түгээмэл эх” illustration art номыг 3 цувралаар бүтээж, англи, испани, япон хэлээр орчуулж цахим хэлбэрээр дэлхийд түгээх төслийг эхлүүлээд байна. Энэхүү төслөөрөө Монголын түүх соёлыг дэлхийд сурталчилан дараагийн шатанд бүрэн хэмжээний анимейшн кино хийхээр ажиллаж байна. Эхний ээлжинд номны зураг бүтээх, орчуулах ажилдаа зориулан төсөв бүрдүүлж байна. Та бүхэн энэхүү цахим хуудасруу ороод хандив өргөхөөс гадна сэтгэгдэл үлдээж, мэдээллийг түгээж Монгол залуусаа дэмжээрэй.

Hi, I am Battsengel Rentsen.. I work in the genre of historic art. My work has been exhibited at the Mongolian National History Museum in Ulan-Bator. I have been drawing the Secret History of the Mongols for the last 28 years.
I started working on this project 7 years ago. I published the first volume “VOLUME-I” in 2014. The second volume“VOLUME-II” was published in 2015 and I am currently working on the third volume ""VOLUME-III.
We are illustrating the history of an orphaned boy who ruled the world. You might have read a number of accounts of great people. But this is the history of the “Man of the Millennium” and we are sure that you will enjoy it. There have been numerous accounts and books written about Chinggis Khan, however, this project is developed from the original source which was created in 1240. And will demonstrate a yet undiscovered world depicting ancient Mongolian culture and society in addition to learning of the secret history of how a 9 year old orphaned boy abandoned with no support, challenged the status quo and established a great empire. His story has been published globally in 26 languages. However, the “Popular Edition” being created by us is fully illustrated, albeit with a simpler content to give the reader a better understanding of the Mongolian history and culture.

One of the Great men in the world history, Chinggis Khan (1162-1227)

His life was characterized by harsh struggles, many adventures and challenges. He accomplished many feats during his lifetime, most likely more so than any other character in history. Earlier opinion was that he was understood to be a conqueror and destroyer due to the written accounts from the nations that he occupied.
However, on the eve of the new millennium this viewpoint has changed dramatically to one where he has been credited with progressing the prosperity of mankind with his sharp mind and contributions to the development of the “modern world”.
Researches have credited his success to various characteristics. He had a remarkable skill in recognizing people, a genuine ability to convert enemies to friends. He never forgot a favor or underestimated the strengths of his colleagues.
He honored intelligence and encouraged innovation as he himself initiated a new era of military strategy. He was the first man to declare and uphold freedom of religion. You could make these discoveries by researching a variety of scripts, however, you would be best served by reading and feeling the primary source called MNT yourself.

What is the Secret history of the Mongols?

The secret History of the Mongols is primarily a script generally recording the events of the time. There is very little description with regard to the appearance of the people, lifestyles, clothes, implements and instruments used. Therefore in the mind of the reader there is very little detail with regard to cultural attire and the different appearances of the ethnic minorities. Needless to say, very few foreign readers are acquainted with the structure of the Mongolian yurt.
Therefore to complement the script is was necessary that it be illustrated. In so doing the illustrations create images to compensate and enrich the script enhancing the information, not only as decoration but expanding the readers understanding of the context in which it was written. Thus we are working hard to produce a creation that reflects the latest research finding with regard to the history, anthropology and archeology, indicating every aspect of the lifestyle in the thirteenth century Mongolia. Encompassing, garments, palaces, food, dance, music, weapons, armor, script, culture and art.

Why we need to discover it?

It's all about spreading the actual history of Chinggis Khan. In the most times, people considered nomads, especially Mongols were the crude, ignorant, wild, warlike and combative people in the history. However, the Popular edition will give the chance to get the correct view about the Mongols that they were having everyday life and civilization like every other countries. That's why we wanted to deliver the reality to every single person who never read it before, who is willing to read, who has unclear understandings about Mongols and Chinggis Khan.

  • It will give you the inspiration to think on a global scale and the strength to endure difficult times.
  • It will provide you with the managerial skills to lead your team or community effectively.
  • From ancient times the Mongolian culture has lived in harmony with nature, therefore it will provide you with incentives to reduce the ecological damage facing the world today.
  • An opportunity to learn about the “Tengrism”, the first belief of mankind.
  • We require Chinggis Khan’s philosophies and strategy for us to create a better world.