Батжаргалын БИЛЭГТСАЙХАН- Эдийн засаг, төслийн удирдлага
5 жил, 8 сар өмнө

E-mail address: bbilegtsaikhan@gmail.com


2017-2018 Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Tainan city

Ph.D. of business management, doctorand

Diploma thesis: “Big data analysis and data visualization”

2013-2015 Humanities University, Mongolia

Master of business administration

Diploma thesis: “Macro Level Factor Analysis Affecting to the Bank Credit Risk During the Financial Crisis”

2003-2007 Institute of Finance and Economics, Mongolia

Bachelor of Economics degree №200702963 Thesis: “CMS methodology of credit risk, it’s Financial Analysis”


“MICG” LLC, CEO, Jul 2020- Now

“Gobi” JSC Head of strategic planning devision, Nov 2018 – Jul 2020

I do cashmere market business analysis and business projects.

“BarilgaMN LLC, Head of research department, Feb 2016 – Jan 2017

Have experience in leading projects in the field of macroecnomics, building construction, real estate, a research report that included from market research for building material. Also the growth of macroeconomics, building construction and mining sector in Mongolia is concluded in this thesis. Have estimated market size, demand and supply of the construction market, apartment, service and land separately. The last chapter of thesis is focused on defining the level of building material, industrial market, import and usage. Furthermore, I have developed summary recommendation and conclusion after studying the decision and impact of state policy to the housing and construction materials.

“MICG” LLC, CEO, Sep 2010- Jan 2015 Have developed more than a hundred Mongolian and foreign projects, more than 30 studies and provided over 20 business training and consultation service. It contains from projects on banking and finance, telecom, building construction, foreign investment, market research and customer survey.

New progress group, Financial economis, Sep 2009-Aug 2010

Have developed projects on the housing market and conducted consumer research. It produced a summary analysis on financial analysis, efficiency, profitability, ratio analysis, and company’s overall cash flow of apartments, office and service projects.

Savings bank, Financial risk analyst, Jul 2007- Sep 2009

The methods of assessing and scoring credit risk is used in my thesis. This thesis has found the perfect opportunity to implement in practice. My first work was a financial risk analyst in the risk management department of the Savings Bank. My main duty was to present the risk analysis of bank to the administration in every month. Also, to analyze the risk of the project with great numbers and to present the outcome to the credit committee. By doing this work. I have explored through the Mongolian big projects and research works. This work helped me to acquire very valuable skill.


• Received Honorary letter of credence from Ministry of construction and urban development, 2016

• Awarded from Start-up weekend international competition, 2015

• Awarded as ‘Golomt Bank Scholarship Student’ while studying in the university, 2006

• Awarded the first place in Institute of Finance and Economics’ Research Conference from, second place in Bank and Economics sector, Institute of Finance and Economics 2006-2007

• Awarded the first place in ‘Erdmiin Ediin zasagch Research Conference’ jointly organized by Union of Mongolian students and Seruuleg Institute, 2005

• Awarded the first place in Mongol Post Bank Research Conference, 2007


• Mongolian management consulting association, Consulting services standards ISO, 2016

• Mongolian national chamber of commerce and industry, Company government management, 2015

• Mongolian human resources institute, Human Resource special program of the MHRI, 2008

• Ministry of industry and trade, Business and project, 2008

• TV5 Mongolian development center, EXPERT business training and consulting center, 2008


• Mongolian research club, Founder and CEO 2011-2013

• Member Young CEO club 2013-2016