Доржийн ЧИНГЭЭЛБААТАР- Хөгжлийн бодлого, төслийн удирдлага
6 жил, 3 сар өмнө

Mr. Chingeelbaatar is the co-founder and President of the National Project Management Institute at which he leads a team of experts who are responsible for policy formulation, preparation and management of projects developed as part of the Economic Development Plan 2020-2044 for Mongolia.

An economist and business manager by trade, Mr. Chingeelbaatar is a Mongolian thought leader in business management, development and economics.

Educated in Mongolia and the USA as a George Soros scholar, Mr. Chingeelbaatar is one of the trailblazers in Mongolia’s consultancy community and has worked with virtually all multilateral organisations, large private businesses and government agencies on large-scale projects.